questions that i have been asked more than twice throughout all platforms show up here

1. what program do you use?

for painting i mainly use CLIP STUDIO PAINT.. for some paintings i have used AZPAINTER 2 or PIXIV SKETCH (the "simple" version)/DRAWR..

i use renpy for making visual novels and use azpainter2 for almost all my text graphics and editing.. i also use adobe illustrator cs6 for my vector graphics.. i build with second life primitives for a lot of my visual novel backgrounds.. and.. OBS and windows 7 movie maker for video :P~

2. what brushes do you use on clip studio?

i almost exclusively use turnip pen which is a default brush in the ink section, i have 4 copies, they are all the same brush but two have pen pressure on and two have it off.. within each pair is one that's smaller and always 70%+ opacity and another that i use to paint that i change size+opacity according 2 my needs (the four brushes are pretty much constantly shifting in size and opacity) .. i also use the default hard & soft airbrushes sometimes

3. can i use your art for my icon? (or edits videos things like that..)


4. which tablet do you use?

tablets ive used while posting under yogurt200 name: ~2018 - wacom intuos pro large.. ~mid 2020 - xp pen artist 12.. ~autumn 2022 - huion kamvas 22 pro (my current tablet.. i LOVE it)

5. do you care about people taking inspiration from your style ?.. x is copying u do u care? etc

in simplest words.. not really. i only truly care if my designs and ideas are being used for monetary gain

6. do you still use instagram?

i'm inactive, i don't have the app installed on my phone ..

7. speedpaints/timelapses/tutorials?

i post some timelapses on patreon :)

8. discord server?

i dont want to have any discord servers, sorry